Hiring Crane Operator / Truck Driver in Idaho & Oregon


BASIC PURPOSE AND FUNCTION: To operate Company crane and dump truck on various job sites, landfills, and on company property.

Hiring crane operator and truck driver in Idaho/Oregon.



1. Crane Operation

Operates boom cranes with standard boom lengths and angles for loads well within the lifting capacity of the cranes. The cranes may be equipped with attachments such as a hook, clam shell bucket, forklift and spreader bar. Typical tasks performed: Loads and unloads crates, lumber, machinery, roofing materials or equipment at work sites or outdoor storage areas.  Observes load hookup and determines safety of load. Manipulates or depresses crane controls, such as pedals, levers, and buttons, to regulate speed and direction of crane and hoist movement according to written, verbal, or signal instructions. Cleans and maintains crane and hoisting mechanism. Inspects crane for defective parts and notifies supervisor of defects or malfunctions. Allowances must be made by the operator for changes in the lifting capacity of the cranes caused by variations in the angle of the boom, length of the boom position, of the revolving frame, or slope of the terrain.  Operates crane wearing a hard hat at all times.  Complies with OSHA standards and safety guidelines.

Note:  Boom cranes have boom and varying maximum lifting capacities depending on the length, angle, and position of the boom.

2. Truck Driver

Maintain at least a Class B CDL.
Inspects truck for defective parts and notifies supervisor of defects, malfunctions or regular maintenance items.

3. General Duties

Shall be familiar with emergency duties and be aware of, and abide by Company procedures, policies and instructions.
Shall be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of any piece of equipment in the field of his/her responsibility.
Shall assist in maintenance of the crane and truck. Maintain clean and organized vehicles.
Must complete all DOT required reporting and maintain records.
Reports to the Metal Shop Foreman for scheduling work week.
Responsible for following all applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as written.


Ability to be professional, friendly, courteous, tactful and maintain composure in dealing with customers and co-workers. Must be fluent in English. Ability to listen, follow instructions and learn new tasks.

Requires self-motivation. Must be task-oriented and dependable. Team oriented with ability to excel in a team environment.

Mental alertness is required to ensure accurate completion of work activities. Ability to follow company policies and procedures and applicable State and Federal laws.

Ability to stand, walk, climb stairs, bend, stoop, twist and turn frequently. Good manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination required. Ability to reach, lift and maneuver objects of various weights, shapes and sized

Responsible for performing all job duties and responsibilities with honesty and integrity.
The above reflects the general nature of the work. Other necessary and required duties.

Business Hours

Monday: 8AM–5PM
Tuesday: 8AM–5PM
Wednesday: 8AM–5PM
Thursday: 8AM–5PM
Friday: 8AM–5PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed